Kevin Masirika

Age 25
Height 6’1″
Weight 220lbs

10 gloved fights, 9 wins, 1 loss. 1 win in bare-knuckle. 8 wins by TKO.

“I started boxing at the age of 12 but only started fighting at the age of 22. My friend’s dad took me because I kept getting into trouble in school. But I think it did really sort me out. I first started fighting just to release some anger the right way and just fell in love with the sport. Now I fight because I love the sport but also because I want to see how far I can go.

I grew up in a children’s home and around racism which got me in a lot of fights when I was young. I lived with my mum at first until the age of around 10 but I wasn’t the best-behaved kid for her. A lot of things happened and I ended up in a children’s home. It’s made me and my mum so strong now but it did take me until the age of 16 to start talking to her again. This is one of the reasons family and loyal friends are so important in my life and I do live by the saying, two strikes and you’re out because I don’t want any negative energy in my circle.

I do think I had a lot of anger in me because of my situation, so growing up if it wasn’t for boxing I don’t think I would be as calm as I am now. Now it’s all about showing what I can do and inspire anybody else that has had a bad childhood that they can make something of themselves by putting their blood sweat and tears into something they love which is what I do every day.

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