Logline: Uncover the primal roots of combat in ‘BARE KNUCKLE WARS,’ a gripping series that delves deep into the very essence of our fighting spirit. This is more than a sport; it’s a relentless journey through the untamed battlegrounds of human instinct, where warriors emerge and legends are forged. Brace yourself for an adrenaline-fueled exploration of the genesis of combat, where the stakes are high, and the warriors are unyielding. Get ready to witness the evolution of warriors in a visceral tale that transcends the boundaries of tradition, redefining the very essence of battle.

Synopsis: Dive headfirst into the heart-pounding world of ‘BARE KNUCKLE WARS,’ where the original sport takes center stage in a relentless clash of fists, courage, and unbridled passion. This is not just a sport; it’s a primal spectacle, more brutal, more combative, and more raw than anything you’ve ever witnessed. Surprisingly, it’s also safer than modern boxing.

Join us as we shadow the greatest toe-to-toe fighters on the planet, revealing the gritty reality of their lives and the staggering stakes they face. In the arena, it’s two warriors facing off with nothing but fists and heart, pushing the limits of human endurance.

‘BARE KNUCKLE WARS’ unravels the epic journey of these pugilists, following every intense bout until the ultimate bare-knuckle champion and their formidable team emerge victorious. This is more than a competition; it’s a visceral experience, an ancient war brought to life in the most exhilarating way possible. Brace yourself for the ultimate test of strength, resilience, and the unyielding spirit of the true warriors among us.


JUNE 22, 2024
Heavyweights David Allen from the UK and Shannon Ritch from the USA
will be their country’s team captain. Roy Jones Jr. will be the head trainer
for team USA, and Ricky Hatton will lead team UK.
Both teams move into their new living quarters and begin training.
The trainers and team captain choose the weakest 2 fighters on their teams for
the first elimination fight. The 2 losers are sent home. The episode
ends with a live announcement of the PPV Main Event in Atlantic
City, NJ.
JUNE 29, 2024

The two teams continue to train while being evaluated by their team
captains and trainers. We begin to learn the stories of the fighters and what
drives them, focusing on the 2 from each team that seem to be
falling behind. We also dive deep into Shannon Ritch’s life story and
boxing history, revealing why bare knuckle boxing is so important
to him and what his hopes are for the sport. The weakest team
members on both sides are again identified, and after 2 more
elimination fights, each team sheds another fighter.

JULY 6, 2024
We begin with David Allen’s personal history and life in and out
of the ring, including his own struggles with making ends meet. We
learn more about the remaining fighters on each team and see
more training interspersed throughout, highlighting the technical
and cultural differences between the 2 teams. Allen and Hatton pick
the next 2 UK fighters for the elimination fight, and the UK sheds
another weak link.

JULY 13, 2024
Doctors weigh in on the safety issue and the remaining fighters are
given the rules, hard and fast, for the upcoming bout for the bounty.
We see more of the developing relationships within each team.
Ritch and Jones pick the next 2 on the US team for the elimination fight, and
by episode’s end, both teams stand at 9 members each.

JUNE 20, 2024
Back to the UK as they prepare to shed their last fighter. Tension is
high as the PPV event nears and Allen struggles to pick the two
weakest links. The elimination round goes down. We now have 8
confirmed UK Fighters.

JULY 27, 2024
Back to the US and its last elimination fight. Like Allen, Ritch has
a difficult time deciding on the two fighters. The fight takes place,
and the US team now has its final 8. Both teams prepare to make
the move to Atlantic City. Allen and his team are flanked by fans
hungry for a UK victory as they head out. Finally in AC, Ritch and
Allen share their thoughts on the upcoming event. The captains
meet casually, a precursor to the Press Conference.

JULY 31, 2024
The USA vs. UK Press Conference featuring Allen and Ritch.
There will be a lot of trash talk and posturing.

AUGUST 3, 2024
Live PPV Bare Knuckle Wars finale in Atlantic City, N.J. 9-fight card
culminating in the main event, USA’s Shannon Ritch VS the UK’s
David Allen. Winning team takes the crown, the
bulk of the purse and bragging rights…until season 2, when the
U.S. goes up against the next international challenger.

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